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One of our Most Frequently Asked Questions:
The Truth About Male Erections at Nudist Resorts
(Naturally Occurring and Otherwise)

Dear SCNA:

What stops guys at nudist colonies and nude beaches from getting erections all the time? I'm sure this is not a new question for people at SCNA. I'm hoping you can briefly discuss the naturist etiquette about this subject and offer some simple ground rules for people unfamiliar with nude recreation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Steve P.

Our Answer:

Dear Steve:

Frankly, the question about erections is one we only hear from non-nudists, because the answer is obvious to anyone who ever spent any time at a nudist resort. The question implies that there must be something overtly sexual about such places and the people who attend therefore must be perverted, mal-adjusted, or at the very least exhibitionistic.

As a former director of a resort in Los Angeles, and a member there for over 20 years, I can tell you nothing could be further from the truth, and the question is really a non-issue. Along with the erection question SCNA also receives occasion questions about body sizes, men and also women afraid of being “too small” or “too large”, women with mastectomy scars, and others who are concerned about being too thin or too overweight. To all those with such questions let me assure you that the Nudist Philosophy is about “body acceptance” and our parks and resorts are about as un-sexual as you can get…and deliberately so.

Think of a beach, only without clothes (and without the “boom-boxes”, as radios and other such devices are almost universally banned at most parks.) And then notice that the average age in this scene is about 45, in all shapes and sizes, with a definite under-representation of people between 12 and 30. You will see families and couples sitting on beach blankets or lawn chairs, quietly talking among themselves or peacefully sunning themselves. Also, you will see groups of people sitting together alongside the swimming pool or in the Jacuzzi catching up on the latest gossip or sharing views on other subjects. In other words, it looks like any place else in America where people might gather – all races, religions, occupations, and philosophies – and the only thing all these people have in common is they like to do it without the encumbrance of clothes.

How could anyone unintentionally get an erection in such an environment? The answer is you can’t…really! I have brought up dozens of first-time guests over the years to such parks and resorts, and the almost universal response upon first looking out upon the scene described above is, “Oh…NOW I understand!”

Nevertheless, although very rare, sometimes natural body functions such as erections can occur so the policy at most clubs and resorts is universally the same: Erections rarely last but a few minutes if unassisted, so just cover your affected area with a towel (or get into the pool or Jacuzzi) and remember what goes up always goes down. Most people understand this is a normal body function and will ignore you if you do not draw attention to yourself (and be especially careful to avoid being near children under 18.)

However, if you are discovered masturbating or otherwise helping to prolong the erection, or flagrantly and deliberately displaying your assets (erect or not), you likely will be asked to leave the resort at once, and probably will never be allowed to return. Many resorts share the names of people they have removed so you will also be banned from other local resorts as well. This “one-strike” policy acts as a powerful deterrent, and keeps out the “looky-loos” and others who may have a different agenda rather than just enjoying a tranquil day in the sun.

In truth, you only will really get into trouble at a nudist resort if you are overtly sexual or overly solicitous to someone else who would prefer to be left alone. Almost every resort (and beach, for that matter) have groups of unofficial volunteers who watch over the herd to be sure there is no such inappropriate behavior going on. Because the percentage of problems is far lower than what occurs at your average textiled public beach, nudist resorts are a far safer environment for families and women.

I encourage everyone to give it a try at least once, if just to understand that “nothing is going on” there, and that the wholesome, peaceful atmosphere can be just what a person needs to escape, at least for awhile, from the hectic pace of the outside world.

For further information check out the web sites for The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), which focuses on nudist resorts, and also The Naturist Society, which focuses on the nude use of beaches and other public land.

Good luck!

Gary M., President,
Southern California Naturist Association

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