At nude and clothing-optional venues, etiquette is not much different from the same common-sense good manners that you should exhibit wherever you go. Be polite and respect the rights of others, and others will do the same for you.


1. Obey all Parking Rules and Regulations

Park only in designated areas. In some areas parking is limited and fills up early, so: • Carpool - saving both gas and parking spots.
• Try to arrive early - before the crowds
• Give others a ride from the parking area to the beach. Someone may do the same for you.

2. Respect the Environment

• For many species of wildlife – especially birds and sea lions – the beach is their natural habitat. Many are protected species. No matter how “cute” they may appear, humans should keep their distance.
• Keep out of the dunes, brush or other environmentally sensitive areas. Besides, these are the areas where passersby always think there is misbehavior going on, and you don’t want to give them an excuse to call park rangers.
• Do not sit too near any cliffs as rocks often come down without warning to cause injury or even death.

3. Respect Private Property / Help Keep the Area Clean

• Bring and use trash bags. Always try to carry out more trash than you carried in. Leave nothing but footprints, take only memories.
• Bring extra bags to hand out to others nearby.
Show respect for the private property of others as you go to and from the beach. Don't litter or park on private property.

4. Respect the Privacy of Others

• Many folks come to the beach to enjoy nature and do not want to be disturbed. It is OK to be friendly, but if someone doesn't seem to respond, please respect their right to privacy. If the beach or lawn area is relatively free of users at the moment, it is the height of rudeness to place your blanket alongside the 20-something girls enjoying the sun. Park yourself elsewhere, guy!

5. Gawking is Impolite

• Gawking, or staring at other sunbathers, is impolite. It is always rude to stare at others, but it is especially so when you use binoculars or a camera to look at people on the beach. If you came to the beach to "look at the nudies," do yourself a favor and buy a magazine and read it at home.

6. Avoid Any Sexual Activity

• Avoid any hint of sexuality in clothing-optional beach areas. Complaints about sex in public have caused problems at several CO beaches. Please, do not give the prudes an excuse to close down another CO recreation site.

7. Get Dressed When Leaving Established Clothing-Optional Areas

• Many clothing-optional beaches, while not strictly legal, are accepted by the local population. To avoid offending people, do not go nude or semi-nude into parking lots or in beach areas designated for people who prefer to wear bathing suits.

8. Avoid Taking Photos or Movies

• Few nudists are exhibitionists and even fewer want their picture taken, with our without permission. If you insist on taking a picture, confine it to just the people in your party, and that means avoiding having anyone in the background without their verbal (if not written) consent.
• Also, totally avoid taking photos of nude under-age children at the beach as it just isn't worth the legal hassle you will be inviting.
• In fact, we recommend you leave the camera at home - including the one in your cell phone - lest someone walk up to you and physically remove the film or see how far they can toss your tech toy into the water. Take your pictures at home, before you leave or at the end of the trip, instead.

9. Speak up for Standards

• If you see someone who is violating the accepted standards, please explain to them clearly and politely just how they are violating the rules and just what the proper behavior is. If they deny everything or get belligerent, go find a few fullback-sized friends and return. Be firm, but polite, and you will find most voyeurs will leave at this second sign of intimidation.

10. Be Prepared!

Most clothing-optional beaches are remote and do not offer the services and amenities found at textile beaches. Therefore you should bring everything you may need including:
• Water/Beverages
• Food
• Cooler
• Sunscreen (apply frequently, especially to areas not normally exposed to the sun!)
• Bug Lotion (depends on location and time of year)
• Towel(s)
• Chair, Chaise or Mattress
• Other Items: a guitar, book, or iPod are favorites, but do not bring radios that can disturb others (or wear earphones.)
• A cart or wheeled carrier to tote all your stuff to and from the beach is often recommended if the beach is a long walk from your car. Others prefer to use a backpack, especially if the path to the beach uses steep trail.


It is an objective of every nudist venue to create a safe and friendly environment where members, their guests and families can enjoy each other’s company based on mutual respect. Members at most parks will watch out for one another to assure everyone’s safety and comfort. While such cases are rare, members have no hesitation reporting to the staff someone who is behavior considered unacceptable. Such transgressors are not only told to leave the grounds immediately, but often – depending on the offense – clubs will call other clubs to alert them also so that the person will be denied entry there also.

While each park’s rules are slightly different, most follow the points of etiquette described above for the beaches, plus these additional guidelines:

1. Behavior of Guests and Children

• Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests. If you invite someone to a nudist function, please make certain that whomever you bring knows and agrees with our guidelines. A guest who badly misbehaves put’s the member’s membership at that club in jeopardy. , Members are expected to be present with those they invite.
• Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children. Please keep them in sight at all times and don’t assume others will “baby sit” while you are visiting with friends.

2. Respect for Other People

• The most important rule to follow: please respect the personal space of all individuals. It is everyone’s right to be free of unwanted attention. “No” means no! If you ever encounter someone who does not respect this rule, you will find a large number of people who will make it very clear.
• It is inappropriate to comment on anyone’s state of dress. While most of our guests come in order to enjoy social nudism, sometimes a spouse, a new guest or young person may choose to remain dressed (or partially so). They have the right to do so and it is inappropriate to comment on anyone’s choice of being dressed or not.
• Simple hygiene means a lot. It is a universal practice of naturists to always use a towel to sit on when nude, whether it be at a private residence or a nudist park. ALWAYS do this! Wash your hands often, and don’t pee in the pool (didn’t your mother tell you that?)
• Smoking rules will depend upon the facility. Smoking is generally not permitted indoors and may not be permitted outdoors either depending on the wishes of the host. Smoking is permitted outside only, and please be considerate with your second-hand smoke.
• Noise making devices of infinite variety abound in our culture. Listing them all would be impossible. They range from cell phones to pagers to boom boxes to electronic games, which emit squeaks and boops. Please leave them at home or silence them.

3. Cameras, Cell Phones, Drugs, and Pets

• The presence of cameras is unsettling not just for the obvious reason, but also because some nudists are in sensitive professions such as education, law enforcement, etc. At most nudist parks, cameras are inappropriate unless photography is permitted at a specific event or in a specific area by a designated person. Most parks ban cell phones from the pool and recreation areas because they contain cameras and also because phone conversations disturb the quiet tranquility sought by most nudists at these parks. When photographs are permitted they must have explicit permission in advance from everyone who is visible in the picture. In an effort to safeguard everyone, young and old, photographs of children under 18 usually are not permitted at any time.
• This should be obvious, but please do not bring firearms, or illegal drugs to a park! Having them around jeopardies the nudist park’s permit to stay in business.
• Leave your pets at home! Even if “fluffy” is a wonderful pet who never harms anyone, there is no guarantee how your pet will react when in close proximity to another.

4. Expressions of Affection

• Some clubs are more open than other in allowing natural expressions of affection such as hugging, hand-holding, and even back massaging a partner. Each park is different so ask about these boundaries when you first arrive. Believe it or not, some of the older parks frown upon dancing while nude!
• Of course, there is no genital touching of others – ever! Open sexual activity will get you immediately removed from the grounds and placed on a “do not admit” list that circulates to other local clubs. A person obviously may apply sunscreen to their own sensitive areas, but the rule is you cannot “linger” there.
• Check with the park about their rules concerning giving another person a back or shoulder rub. Some parks have paid therapist available to give you a massage for a small fee, so giving one to your partner out on the lawn is definitely a no-no.

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