Southern California Naturist Association, Family-Friendly Nude Recreation
Welcome to the Southern California Naturist Association

SCNA is a clothing-optional travel club. We are a group of nudists and like-minded friends in the Greater Los Angeles area with no specific park or resort to call home. That frees us to explore the many opportunities for recreation and socializing that are available in our warm, beautiful region.

Within these pages you may encounter pictures of normal people just like you having fun camping, hiking, boating, and such, except they are doing so without the restriction of clothing. This website reflects our family-friendly orientation and illustrates the fun activities that we enjoy. It also has many articles and links that are excellent resources for expanding one’s understanding of nudism in America and world-wide.

If you are under age or otherwise not permitted to view frontal nudity in your home or community, please leave this site now. If you are looking for sexual content, or photos of children, you have definitely come to the wrong place!

SCNA: Southern California Naturist Association

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