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Naturist Association

“Nude is Not Lewd”

Naturism is not a new idea. The philosophy is thousands of years old with roots in ancient cultures as diverse as the Japanese, the Greeks and Romans, and the Polynesians. Skinny-dipping, or swimming while nude, remains common in many parts of the United States. A 2006 poll show that nearly 30% of the public has skinny-sipped in a friend's Jacuzzi or backyard swimming pool, or visited a clothing-optional beach or lake, or gone to one of the 250+ nudist parks scattered across the country. Social nudity is a $ billion dollar industry in North America!

However, if you are looking for sexual content or innuendo, you have come to the wrong place! Overt and unwanted attention toward another, or staring or gawking will get a person kicked out at its first indication. As a result of our strict screening procedures, nudist parks actually are safer for women and children from potential sex predators than most public parks or shopping malls.

Beyond this page you may encounter pictures of normal people just like you having fun camping, hiking, boating, etc.--only they are doing so without the restriction of clothing. If you live in a community whose standards do not permit you to view frontal nudity, or if you are under the age where your local community permits you to view these kinds of photos please leave this site now. Come back when you are older, or tell your parents to view us instead.

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