Southern California Naturist Association, Family-Friendly Nude Recreation
Welcome to the Southern California Naturist Association

SCNA is a clothing-optional travel club. We are a group of nudists and like-minded friends in the Greater Los Angeles area with no specific park or resort to call home. That frees us to explore the many opportunities for recreation and socializing that are available in our warm, beautiful region.

Within these pages you may encounter pictures of normal people just like you having fun camping, hiking, boating, and such, except they are doing so without the restriction of clothing. This website reflects our family-friendly orientation and illustrates the fun activities that we enjoy. It also has many articles and links that are excellent resources for expanding one’s understanding of nudism in America and world-wide.

If you are under age or otherwise not permitted to view frontal nudity in your home or community, please leave this site now. If you are looking for sexual content, or photos of children, you have definitely come to the wrong place!

SCNA: Southern California Naturist Association
SCNA Activities

SCNA Calendar of Activities

SCNA promotes or hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year. We try to coordinate our events with those of other Southland clubs and resorts so that we may support each other's wide variety of activities. You can select the events in the near future from the "Upcoming Events" list, or select ongoing and recurring activities or select by the month from the menu above.


If you want to attend as a non-member guest, please read our Non‑Member Guest Policy and Behavior Policy.

SCNA Parties and Special Events

There is nothing like getting an all-over tan in the privacy of a backyard, with a pool and Jacuzzi nearby. Some events may promote a different theme (Toga, Cinco de Mayo, Chili cook-off, etc.) but always there is a pot-luck or BBQ. We attempt to have these parties monthly and move them around geographically (San Gabriel Valley, West LA, San Fernando Valley, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and others,) to better serve our diverse membership.

We also host activities at other venues, preferably clothing-optional, like our bowling events and Zorthian Ranch Pool Party and Talent Show. Some activities are clothed due to being held at public facilties. Those include our December Holiday party, and other special functions.

Outdoor Activities

SCNA plans many outdoor activities on public or private lands and waters where nudity is legal, accepted, or at least tolerated. We may spend a day at a local nude beach (Black’s, Avila/Pirate’s Cove, More Mesa) or at our project Bates Beach.

Our hiking group plans excursions into the forests and deserts around Los Angeles to visit natural hot springs, secluded streams, beautiful vistas, and the sun and fresh air. We are also working to get more boating opportunities on our calendar.

We also support and help organize the Los Angeles edition of the annual World Naked Bike Ride, promoting bicycle safety, lower consumption of fossil fuels, and public acceptance of non-sexual social nudism.

Resort and Club Visits

We try to coordinate regular dates and discounts for our members to visit the local naturist resorts or parks. Our club card is recognized at Glen Eden (Corona), Olive Dell (Colton), De Anza Springs (outside San Diego), and Lupin Lodge (Santa Cruz). We also schedule some SCNA events at those locations. Members are especially fond of attending special themed weekends such as the Nudestock music festival, a Polynesian Luau, Body Painting, Volleyball tournament, Karaoke Night, etc.)

Other travel clubs in our region also sponsor naturist events and we have arranged for our members to be able to attend many of those activities at member rates.

Regional and National Events

SCNA and its members and leadership frequently participate in activities organized by The Naturist Society (TNS), the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and its Western Region (AANR_West), and other groups that encourage the naturist philosophy. Such activities include conventions, festivals, gatherings, and the occasional organizational meeting.

Naturist Advocacy

An important purpose of our group is to promote understanding and acceptance of Naturism and to protect and expand open spaces where people can enjoy that freedom. One major effort is the restoration of the traditional clothing-optional section of Bates Beach near Carpinteria. During the summer we have monthly beach parties and other activities there to demonstrate our intention and goodwill. The SCNA formed Friends of Bates Beach to focus that effort. As a member of the Carpinteria Chamber of Commerce we ride in the annual July 4th weekend parade. We also participate in other such efforts in our region like presenting our plans and viewpoints to government officials and the public. All of these are important and most of them are also fun!

Yoga Classes

The physical and mental health benefits of yoga are enhanced by practicing without clothing. Many of our members requested this activity, so several classes have been arrranged. SCNA-sponsored classes are currently held at studios in San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys, and we also support other such classes in West LA. We hope an expanding participation will allow for the addition of more diverse opportunities for this great activity.

Members’ Meetings

drawing of four people meeting

Regular monthly meetings of the member-elected Board of Directors are open to all current participating members. We want regular paticipation from our membership to keep things moving and improving. The annual membership meeting and election is held each July. This is a participatory culture, so we trust that you will volunteer some time to help us to keep our club running well and providing the services our members expect. We need help with all aspects of the club, including preparation and operation of parties and activities, communications, community services, and regional and national affairs.

Monthly Meet‑ups

SCNA Dinner and Discussion Groups

Each month, SCNA hosts a monthly dinner and discussion group at restaurants around the greater Los Angeles area. This is a way to introduce new people to naturism and to dispel mistaken impressions that non-nudists may have about us. Anyone with a sincere interest in discussing naturist issues is welcome. Dinners will be “dutch.” Bring yourselves, some money for food, and your thoughts and enthusiasm. Also bring your curious friends and spouses!

Reservations are not required but we appreciate you letting us know if you are coming so we can expect and greet you.

To accommodate our wide geography, we meet monthly in Van Nuys, Pasadena, South Bay/Torrance, and Ventura. Some of these meet-ups are seasonal and any may be rescheduled. Verify the schedule and location before attending. RSVP